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That's 1 Evil Eye bag (weight reduction), 4 large sewing kits, 1 Fletching kit in lower right hand corner.


Scroll mouse over pieces to display stats: ( had trouble getting mouse-over images to load into cache, may require some patience to display)




446 Platinum in bank

8 slots in bank consist of :

Slot 1: bank of arrows

Slot 2: small crate of 8 slots filled with 1 SoW potion, 3 Vials of Vampire Blood (magic resist), 2 pouches of Mistletoe Powder (befriend animal), wis+2 ring, fish scales

Slot 3: small crate of 8 slots with a Cha+3 necklace, Opaline Earring AC 2 cha+5, Blackend Iron Medallion wis+3 int+3, 2 braclets cha+4 each, a int+2 ring, wis+2 ring, Crude Stein sta+10 cha+15.

Slot 4: small crate of 8 slots with a Rune of Ivy ( for Ivy Etched Sleeves quest) 2 gorilla hairs ( for Raincaller Bow quest), another Rune of Ivy ( for Ivy Etched Helm quest), Short Sword of Morin dmg6 dly22 str+3 agi+3, 3 oak bark (no idea what it's for), 1 Ripened Heartfruit (no idea but its no-drop)

Slot 5: large backpack of 8 slots with Befouled Longsword dmg7 dly28 str+5 cha-5, Runed Branding Iron 1hb dmg8 dly28 effect: burst of flame, Apprentice's Longsword dmg6 dly32, Froglok Crusher 2hb dmg12 dly36, 1 black pearl, 1 Ivy Etched Bracer AC 9 dex+2 svpsn+3, Embroidered Black Cape AC 4 hp+15 mana+20, Gnoll Hide Lariat AC 3 dmg3 dly20 effect: stun

Slot 6: Runed Totem Staff 2hb dmg9 dly37 hp+5 mana+5

Slot 7: small crate of 8 slots with Gnoll Hide Lariat, wis+2 ring, Black Silken Gloves AC4 dex+3, 1 mistmoore granite ( for Ivy Etched Boots quest), 2 Studded Leather Collars AC3 str+1 sta+1, 1 lambent stone, 1 pouch of Silverdust ( no idea)

Slot 8: small crate of 8 slots with another Ivy Rune ( for Ivy Etched Tunic quest) and items for Trueshot Longbow quest consisting of wooden shards, dwarven wire, microservos, spiderling silk.